Coaching and Mediation

“I’ve been burning to say it: I really appreciate our calls because you’re really direct and treat things as seriously as I do and really transparent about where you are and what to expect so we cover a lot more ground than I’ve covered with other people. Always feels productive.” ~ M.B., Coaching client

“Knowing I was going to meet with Genesis for a basic website [content] consultation, I walked in many ideas, but nothing concrete or practical. She skillfully and artfully distilled my amorphous ideas into tangible goals. I left our time together with a roadmap for specific next steps. I confidently recommend her as an exceptional business coach.” ~K.C., Business Coaching client

“This was more emotional than I thought it would be; the uncertainty was keeping me up at night. Thank you for helping us create something ethical and fair...a weight has been lifted.” ~ Startup Founder, Business Mediation

"In all the years I have been dealing w the very emotional, heart aching reality that is my pursuit of guardianship for my youngest daughter Moriah, Genesis is literally the first person EVER that made me feel I was 100% percent listened to! Years of dealing w lawyers, psychologists, therapists etc and telling my story of my journey to save my child, left me drained, frustrated and with a mild heart condition from dealing with all the drama. Genesis' gentleness and presence really meant something to me. She really heard me! And that has made a difference in my renewed efforts to re-try for my daughters guardianship again! I don't think Genesis realizes how much she has helped me but i am so grateful for her presence, her work, and her heart! :-)" ~Darryl, Individual Conflict Coaching client with family issue concerning his daughter.

“Thank you so much, Ms. Fisher! When we started, I was so angry that didn’t think this [custody and visitation mediation] was ever going to work out...But it’s all for our daughter. And now I’m proud of what we put together.” ~ Anderson, Custody and Visitation Mediation

"My family has been fighting for years and I had all but given up. After the mediation sessions, I now have hope and my sisters and I are talking again." ~ Mary, Family mediation concerning parental property.

Legal Services

"Ms. Fisher was able to have my case moved to an earlier court date AND convince the Assistant District Attorney to dismiss the case 6 weeks early." Baker, woman in her 30's, Criminal Defense Client

“Hello Genesis, I just wanted to thank you for the help you and your firm provided to me in one of my darkest days of my life...You helped keep my privacy, which was very important to me and you kept me on task with my responsibilities to ensure I got the financial benefits I deserved... I thank you for your diligent work.” ~ I.J.


Organizational Training and Consulting


"She is amazing!! Ms. Genesis was thoughtful, thorough, and timely, with an extremely sensitive topic. She showed great compassion and flexibility with what was requested of her and went above and beyond with her services. I would highly recommend her for any future mediation needs. She is rooted in social justice principles and committed to finding solution. We couldn't find a better person for the job." ~ Executive on board of her organization.

"Greatly helped with our conflict resolution needs. Ms. Fisher greatly helped our organization with our conflict resolution needs. Ms. Fisher was very easy to work with, and inspired confidence from our initial consultation. She delivered work ahead of schedule, and all of her work was very high quality. Working with Ms. Fisher was a great experience." ~~Executive on Board of Directors.

“It inspired me to take a longer mediation course.” ~ Training Participant, City University School of Law, Conference on Navigating Identity and Oppression.

“I loved this! I learned a lot of tangible skills and did great role playing.”~ Training Participant, City University School of Law, Conference on Navigating Identity and Oppression.

"Conflict resolution is an important skill set that can be used in every walk of life. Your presentation was very good. I have taken [conflict resolution training] before but this was a great version. A privilege." ~Training participant, Americorps National Leadership Conference.

"I enjoyed being able to apply what we learned to real world examples (via role-playing) and learning to read others [conflict resolution styles]. Makes you take time to re-evaluate your perception. Excellent workshop!!" ~Training participant, Americorps National Leadership Conference.

"I want more!" ~ Training participant, Americorps National Leadership Conference.

"Very nice! I learned a lot about myself. Great Experience!" ~Training participant, Americorps National Leadership Conference.

"Awesome! Genesis was very helpful and enjoyable!" ~Training participant, Americorps National Leadership Conference.